10 Ways CPAs Can Gain More Local Exposure

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As a CPA, you often spend your days buried in tax forms and computer programs. It’s the work that best suits you, but it isn’t often conducive to networking and building your clientele. Assuming you have already joined the local chamber of commerce, what else can a CPA do to gain more local exposure? Try these ten tips to raise awareness of your practice.

Location, location, location! It is said that location is one of the most important aspects of choosing a home. But this is even more true in business! Choose a location that is on a main route for a large number of people, and make sure you’re visible from the road. A better location is usually well worth any increase in rent.

Signs. Look for creative, but visible places to post a sign for your business. Many grocery stores all advertising on their shopping carts, and in most towns you can post ads on benches and other common waiting areas. Look around; if you see ads for other businesses, you can probably post one, too.

Join the country club. Professionals are often advised to “dress for the job you want”. This advice isn’t about fashion choices; it’s about projecting the image of success. Joining the local country club is another way to present yourself as a successful business person, and it’s an ideal way to meet the type of clients you seek.

Help the volunteer fire department. Volunteer fire departments and other local service organizations often hold fundraisers. Attend these events, and mingle with your community’s most prominent citizens.

Hang out at the coffee shop. You can get a lot more than just a caffeine rush at the coffee shop. Become a regular at the local morning hangout, and locals will begin to recognize your face and name.

Write a column for the local newspaper. Newspapers always need more content, and will often allow professionals to contribute question-and-answer columns. Demonstrate your expertise and earn free exposure. You usually won’t get paid for these articles, but you will earn valuable clients.

Sponsor a sports team. You might be surprised by the exposure you can gain from sponsoring a Little League or other sports team! In exchange for your donation to the organization, your firm’s name is placed on the backs of team jerseys and on banners at the ball field.

Offer to speak to local organizations. Public speaking builds credibility and exposes you to a wider base of potential clients. Put together informative, but engaging presentations on tax topics, and inform local community organizations that you are available to guest lecture.

Entertain your neighbors. Invite your neighbors over for barbecues, and don’t forget to roll out the welcome mat for new residents.

Adopt a mile. When you adopt a mile on a highway, you promise to clean it several times per year. In exchange for your effort, you get to place your sign on a well-traveled road. You will gain more exposure while also helping the environment, and create a positive image for your firm at the same time.

You don’t have to rush and out do all of these things at once. But keep an open mind to creative approaches, and you will widen your exposure while building your clientele.

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