4 Ways for CPAs to Keep Their Clients Happy

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Happy and sad face.You probably envision yourself as dedicated, thorough, and meticulous; these are the ideal qualities of an accountant. But no matter how much of a perfectionist you may be, you know that keeping clients happy boils down to more than just balance sheets and tax returns. Today’s clients are accustomed to all-inclusive service and a high degree of personal communication. So if you want to retain old customers and attract new ones, it’s important to change your daily operations to meet the consumer demand.

The following four business upgrades will increase client satisfaction, and help you to organize your business practices at the same time.

Create a customer relationship management system. This database should log records of everyone who comes into contact with your practice. Use it to keep track of emails, notes, appointments, and to-do lists after each contact with each prospect, client, vendor, or community member. And when a customer calls, you can easily recall past conversations and continue the dialogue.

Communicate consistently. As a CPA, you have a wide base of knowledge to offer your clients and prospects. But are you using it? Consider sending email newsletters, offering tax tips or financial advice, to stay in touch with your customer base. When your clients view your communications as valuable, they in turn view you as valuable. Helping people live a better life is key to retaining old clients and attracting new ones.

Embrace social media. Pretty much everyone wants to save money, cut their tax bill, get out of debt, and plan for retirement. No matter who they are, these are universal desires. So yes, your target audience is on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter! By providing valuable tips and useful information, through informative blogs or entertaining videos, you can build your social media contacts. And social media contacts often turn into real-life clients.

Build a better reporting system. You help your clients to understand where their money is going. But what about your own business? Do you keep accurate records of client questions and problems, your stream of business, or customer retention from month to month? Understanding what you’re doing right, as well as what may turn off prospective or current clients, is key to growing a healthy practice. Implement a high-tech, reliable reporting system to keep track of vital business statistics.

Changing the way you do business takes time and effort. But as the business world changes, we all have to change with it or risk being left behind in the dust. Open your mind to all that technology has to offer your practice, and you will notice that your clients are happier and more satisfied than ever.

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