Protecting Your Clients from Market Volatility

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Accounting Series - Senior FinancesWe all want our clients to make money, avoid loss, and never have to worry about a thing during retirement. Unfortunately, as this past month’s market volatility has demonstrated, it’s easy to gain and lose very quickly. We’ve all felt a bit seasick, watching the market go up and down and then back up and back down.

As clients near retirement, their concerns switch to making sure they have enough money to live comfortably the rest of their lives. Better health care has brought us all the promise of longer, healthier lives – but that also means concerns about outliving our money. We’re living longer than ever now, but that also means a longer retirement. Once your clients hit age 60 or so, their concerns usually switch from “make as much money as possible” to “protect my money as well as possible”. No one wants to suffer a large loss at this age, when it’s nearly impossible to recover from it.

The solution to this dilemma is often to move money into vehicles that provide guarantees. They’ve worked all of their lives to fund their retirements, and now their main priority should be protecting that principal. This is where the advice of a skilled financial advisor can point them toward money solutions that help protect their assets even during market declines. Their money may still grow, but it can do so safely throughout their retirement years. Market volatility may still affect the economy as a whole, but your clients in and near retirement can feel confident that their assets have guarantees associated with them.

To learn more about our safe money solutions, please contact me. I can show you options that may help protect and grow your clients’ assets and allow you to be the hero that introduces them to safer financial options.

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