Take Mobile Productivity to the Next Level

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publishingMobile technology has given us all better ways to live and work productively. For CPAs, using the right phone or tablet applications can make work easier, faster, and more convenient than ever. The following five apps are some of the favorites on the market, and will offer tools that most CPAs find indispensable.


Get all the news you want to read, without all the filler junk that you don’t want. Simply designate your topics of interest, and this easy-to-navigate app will present news from a variety of sources in a familiar, page-turning format.


If you prefer your news in an audio format, this is the app for you. Stitcher collects the latest breaking news from a variety of sources, much like Flipboard. The difference is that instead of articles, pictures, and videos, your news is presented like a personalized radio station. Stitcher is a great app for busy professionals who would rather listen to the latest news while driving, working out, or getting dressed in the morning.


If you’ve been using various apps to stay organized at work and at home, you might want to try Evernote instead. Your professional life doesn’t always end when home life begins, so using one app to coordinate everything probably makes more sense. Evernote allows you to take notes on anything from important business meetings to household chores, while synching your data to clouds or other designated devices. In addition to text notes, you can also input links, pictures, graphs, charts, and so on. Keep your notes private, or share them with other users that you select. One file can be shared with coworkers, while another can be shared with the family. Theoretically, you can dump other, more cumbersome apps and use Evernote as your primary organizational center.


There are countless travel apps out there, but TripIt is definitely a stand-out amongst the crowd. When you make travel plans, simply forward a copy of the confirmation email to TripIt. The application arranges your travel itinerary in an easy-to-read format, which you can then view from any device or on the TripIt website. When you need addresses, phone numbers, confirmation numbers, or check-in information, simply glance at your mobile device. TripIt even notifies you of travel delays and other pertinent flight information. You’ll never need to fumble through your carry-on bag in search of printed information again.


Dropbox is an original classic in file-sharing apps, and is still a leading contender today. Share files with coworkers or clients by simply uploading them to the cloud and selecting users, who can then access the files from any device that has the Dropbox app installed. Aside from being a great tool for collaboration, Dropbox helps you to protect important files by storing copies of them remotely. Naturally, as with any app, CPAs should carefully consider whether it is prudent to store sensitive client information this way.


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